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As Emerson wrote,. Secret analogies tie together the remotest parts of Nature, as the atmosphere of a summer morning is filled with innumerable gossamer threads running in every direction, revealed by the beams of the rising sun! Thus, when a child is born, the symbolist can find important clues pointing to the child's character and destiny everywhere—in the flight of birds, the movement of clouds, and other natural signs and omens; in coincidences and events in the lives of the parents and their community; in political and social happenings; as well as in the position of the stars and planets at the moment of birth.

The mystical Neoplatonic philosopher Plotinus, who is often misinterpreted as being critical of astrology, echoes this understanding. Rather, Plotinus argues that astrological influence is based on a philosophy of cosmic unity.


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Since all things emanate from the One, or the Divine Source, all things are intricately coordinated or "enchained" with one another and are therefore "signifiers" of each other within a supremely regulated design—the stars no less so than birds or any other phenomena. In other words, the stars and planets are meaningful, just as every other object or event in existence is meaningful, since all things are equally intertwined within a grand universal order.

As Plotinus remarks elsewhere, one would have to be far removed from the awareness of Divine Unity to think that anything is truly accidental or the result of chance. Given this philosophical framework, questions of "mechanism" almost seem misplaced. Does a Native shaman who names their child "Swift Eagle" because of the great bird circling the village during their birth, ask what manner of force emanated from the eagle towards the child, influencing its personality and destiny?

Do they wonder by what means this force is transmitted, or its precise speed? More useful than such queries is an appreciation of the wonder of a universe in which such synchronicities occur, in which meaning expresses itself in manifold and multi-dimensional ways, not only through planets and people, but animals, weather, colors, landscapes—in short, every perceivable thing, both large and small.

As Plotinus wrote,. All things must be enchained, and the sympathy and correspondence obtaining in any one closely knit organism must exist, first, within the All. Even asking what influence the planets have on human beings conceals a fundamental misconception, since the planets themselves are only facets of a larger picture in which each element interlocks with the other in a mutually arising symphony of meaning. One final analogy may help make this point clearer.

Imagine a play where the lead character finally awakens to a truth he's long hidden from himself. As the playwright penned the scene, the moment of his breakthrough is accompanied by the image of a rising Sun depicted at the back of the stage—a dramatic device meant to complement the change of heart experienced by the character. Now, how should we understand the relationship between the sunrise and the psychological change of character? Are there any secret "rays" emanating from the mock-Sun to the lead character which a scientist could measure and quantify?

Is there some energy field set up amongst the characters acting on stage, or amongst the objects and props which comprise the backdrop? Clearly, there isn't. Nonetheless, there is a connection between the character's psychological shift and the change of lighting on stage—but it's a symbolic rather than causal one. Each element in the story unfolds within a larger framework of meaning and is interpretable only in relation to a transcendent, or "implicate" ground of reference—the dramatic design conceived in the mind of the playwright.

In much the same way, each person's life-experience represents a unique and highly personalized context of meaning. The seemingly unrelated events of someone's daily life—which include, among other things, the positions of the stars and planets in the sky—are best understood as mutually arising elements in a greater field of significance, the archetypal script of a life and consciousness, as reflected in the horoscope.

The astrological worldview is, therefore, one in which each person's life is regarded as a living book of symbols, unlocked through the key of metaphoric knowing. Like a kind of "waking dream," each person's world is an archetypal drama containing multiple levels of resonance and interconnectedness, encoding information about the past, present, and future.

The astrological cosmos is indeed, using Muriel Rukeyser's wonderful phrase, a world of stories rather than atoms, better understood through the eye of the poet than the measurements of science. Like solar systems in stately procession around a vast galaxy, so all personal stories are nested within greater stories, broader contexts of meaning, each level providing a deeper and broader perspective on the meaning of that personal dream, the personal horoscope. Like Ezekiel's "wheels within wheels," the astrological cosmos is a vast web of ascending hierarchies, each increasingly objective vantage point yielding a more complex worldview, each one apt and true for that level.

At this still center point, perhaps, a great consciousness holds the enchanted cosmos in balance.

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As the German philosopher Schopenhauer expressed it over a century ago:. It is a vast dream, dreamed by single being; but in such a way that all the dream characters dream too. Hence, everything interlocks and harmonizes with everything else. Wise, , Ibid, pg. His website is www. Your name: Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. Com Logout Shopping Cart 2. Current Planets.

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Synchronicity and the Mind of God. Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko heliocentric.

Age of Aquarius

All named asteroids. All Reports at a Glance. Chart of the moment. And that is damning to pretty much the entire intelligence community and pretty much nails the reality that the entire scandal was a set-up. Including the Trump Tower meeting, where the Russian woman at the center of it all met with Fusion GPS people both before and after the meeting. In case you missed it, Mueller is downright afraid to have to testify in front of Congress.

Why would that be? Not sure if this site allows links, but both versions of the transcript can be found here:. As egregious as DJ T is to many and as loved as he is to many others one thing we all must do, and I mean must do, we all must accept the reality before us as surreal as it may seem to some, we are looking America square in the face.

Ah you say but which face, indeed, this is the real issue, America has so many faces. So many faces that it prefers to cover up with face paint like sports teams in a stadium. Problem is in the stadium there are only 2 teams and neither one of them represent the real people who live in the host city. Myth and reality are the 2 teams squaring off today. The myth and reality in all of us and they do not square with each other at all. What does America really mean?

I say, find the thing you value the most about our culture and I absolutely do not mean values. I mean what do you value personally not politically or religiously, remember most things with an -ism are a religion. America is a creator, exporter and contributor of some pretty incredible, amazing cultural artifacts.

The real magic of America is not political or economic or religious. Those three have formed a kind of Cerberus of 3 heads on one body. The real magic of America is the culture of its people. All its people, truly the great and the small. Beneath the storm of apparent causation there is a resilient and brilliant synastry of creativity.

From science to comedy, music to machines, movies to sports from writing to invention from style to ideal there is a living breathing entity that has been produced in the worlds largest cultural petri dish of all time. Songs of the earth, songs of the sky, in vessels of clay a chamber of stars.

For the sake of a ready symbol I am going to say in the movie a star is born Lady Gaga survives, elevated, expressed, wounded but authentic. This is the cross roads I see.

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Why do we got to keep it so hard core, do you want something more, I am going to dive, beneath the superficial. Does it mean taking home the money? Sometimes the best indication may be a period of discomfort afterwards. Of course, his high profile was the cause for his assassination that term. There was another president whose chart was a winning chart but he lost.

I suspect he was happy to be out of it. Saturn opposing the ruler of the MC is not too good a sign of victory. Longrange, it is probably a good thing that US influence in the world is in drastic decline, with the Russians and Chinese moving into all the markets that the US has abandoned. Also a good thing that countless respected conservative and Republican scholars, writers, leaders have left the party and are more critical of Trump than the liberals. The Republican Party is essentially destroyed.

They were already desperate, with the old white racists dying off, the millennials turning socialist, the minorities who vote Dem greatly increasing. All in good time, my pretty. His chief concern is staying out of prison after he leaves office, and the Southern District of New York has him nailed. An interesting perspective, as always. My mother has these planets in trine, and still has problems with transits. Trouble on that front, perhaps? If Trump should win re-election, there is also a potential for a power grab and refusal to let go of the reins.

He already has repeatedly shown his ignorance of and blatant disregard for the Constitution. Wonderful analysis of Saturn Venus, Ray , reading the comments, some filled with admiration, others with loathing, also made me reflect on the power of the aspect to evoke both responses. In his family money was love. His hunger for love, for admiration, the need to be lionized the breathtaking narcissism, looks justified to those that DO love him.

His attacks on those who reject him also seem motivated by the same fears, around having enough. I think the floodgates open in July, tRump sees no way out by September, looks for a deal, makes one in November and leaves in January And with the U. We shall see….

No, not all bad for sure, but clarifying in this instance. July We can be sure that in him this will engender a great deal of anxiety. Lunar Eclipse FM 24?? What do people here think? Saturn and Pluto have also been opposing a rare combination of asteroid Nemesis and Bilk, both at 16 Cancer. Pluto is done with this, but Saturn has two more passes, one of which is just starting now and the other in November. This pair is T-Squared with asteroids Mueller and Russia yes, you read that right!

A political Jupiter wound Chiron involving connections with Russia exposed by Mueller, based in fraudulent financial dealings Bilk leading to a downfall Nemesis. Also, asteroid Troemper, his closest celestial referent, will be traveling with Saturn and Pluto most of the year, due to retrogrades by all three bodies, bringing that conjunction home to him very personally in real time, on the world stage.

What a biased, unprofessional anti-Trump article. So typical of the liberal, lefty, feel-good astrologers, most presumably from the West Coast of America. This magazine has deteriorated into a propaganda rag for this new agey type of thinking. As an astrologer for 30 years, I stopped reading the drivel in this silly magazine years ago. I only pulled it up today to see if there were any intelligent articles from real astrologers on the Pluto- Saturn conjunction. What a disgrace astrologers have become. The Mountain Astrologer your gateway to understanding the cosmos.

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July 6, at am. June 22, at pm. Patrick says:. June 24, at pm. Marge says:. June 30, at pm. Linda says:. July 25, at pm. Amir Bey says:. June 18, at am. I agaree…. Susan Vega says:.

Claudia Dikinis says:. Mary Plumb says:. Hi Claudia…yes, indeed, Ray did a great job! Hope all is well with you.. Take care, Mary. Tim Payne says:. Jo Garceau says:. Very insightful. Anne Whitaker says:. Louise Raterman says:. June 24, at am. Bronwyn Elko says:. Jennifer Cabaud says:.

I hope you are correct…. Mike Zizis says:. I am partisan. So interesting to read of Venus and Saturn in Cancer in the 11th house of trauma. The factors that brought us to this place are all actors on the stage of our creation. We need to get beneath the paint worn so long our skin has become stained. I think we need to ask ourselves what cultural contributions do we personally value.